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Have you ever worked with someone who you would swear was put on this earth just to drive you crazy? Have you ever looked at a coworker, boss or a customer and wondered what planet they were from? And of course … why don’t other people just see things the way you do?

Ever ask yourself: How can I communicate better to get my point across? Why do some people drive me crazy? Why can’t my boss understand me? I think my spouse has gone nuts; he/she doesn’t understand me any more. What’s up with that?

Bosses: Do you have staff members fighting with one another? Is there animosity in your office? Are you losing sales?

Want to know why people behave as they do and what the heck makes them tick?

Well, you can discover all the secrets in a new webinar series called “Working and Playing Well With Others.” If you sign up in the box on the right side of this page, then I will send you info on when this dynamic, fun and life changing webinar series is to launch. Your info is safe, will not be shared, and you will NOT be overwhelmed with a ton of emails.

I help your business, association, or not-for-profit solve issues and challenges you have, through creative, fun and effective trainings. Whether a part of your workshops or convention, or we plan the entire event from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing, with Beth Ramsay you will always laugh while you learn!     Clients and Rave Reviews

Team and Leadership Development /  Self Empowerment Retreats /  Life Coaching

Tired of the same old worn out way to develop your team? Does the thought of sitting in a classroom all day leave you flat? And how do you effectively put into practice the lessons presented to ensure that learning has taken place before it’s quickly forgotten?

Learning comes alive through experiencing the spirit and energy of horses!

“Your presentation skills are wonderful!  Very comfortable with a good balance of humor and serious information.”

What kind of training do you offer?

Harness the Power Retreats and workshops offer a customized learning experience to accomplish your goals of:

  • personal empowerment,
  • leadership,
  • communication,
  • team building and development,
  • conflict management,
  • effective use of your inner energy, as well as
  • enhancing your intuitive learning.

Every module is customized to achieve the goals that you desire personally or professionally.

Our company was thinking about team development through a Ropes Course. What makes your retreat different?

“Ropes courses” are great, but poles cannot offer you feedback. Horses can, and their feedback is pure. Horses have no agenda, so what you consciously or subconsciously put out into the world around you is what they will reflect back to you. They are the perfect mirror to your intentions and energy, even those you may not be aware of.

What if I don’t ride or am afraid of horses?

You do not need to be a rider (riding not necessary), or have even seen a horse in person! If you have a fear of horses, don’t worry. Although we will support you, we are also there for you to show you how to safely overcome your fear. We arm you with information that will help you understand the horse, and once you do (just like when we come to understand people) everything will go much smoother.

Your life will be positively changed forever and you will be amazed at what you learn that will heighten your skills in the workplace, as well as your personal life. That’s a guarantee!

“You gave the best received program that I have ever attended in my 24-plus years in business!” – RoseMary Morgan, Senior Vice President, Chico’s

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